About Us

Express Diesel U.S.A., Inc. is the United States subsidiary of one of the largest Bosch Diesel Service Centers in Europe and is located in San Diego. It has been operating at this location since 2012. In addition to being Bosch's authorized dealer and remanufacturing center for nearly all diesel fuel systems used in the United States, Express Diesel has expanded its product diversity by entering into dealer agreements with other leading brands in the market.

Express utilizes the most advanced industry technology in repairing and re-manufacturing Bosch common rail injectors, high-pressure fuel pumps, and VP pumps and complies with all California emission requirements. The company has on-site state-of-the-art equipment that complies with all equipment manufacturer requirements.

Express Diesel offers quality products and fast service at the right prices. The company guarantees its work and prides itself on providing customers with quick turnaround and timely service.


    Express Diesel USA, Inc. is owned by a European company called Express Diesel. Its story began in Europe in 1969 as a dealer for the Bosch company and continues currently with 3 locations,one of which is in the United States. The US location is in San Diego, CA, and it has been operating in this location since 2012. It is the authorized dealer and reman facility for the fuel injection systems of Bosch. It continues to represent the high quality and reliability of the BOSCH brand, the world's leading OE manufacturer and supplier, with its commitment to standards, responsibility, and diligence.


    We always strive to keep up with the latest technologies to provide quality services to a wide range of diesel system users. As part of this effort, Express Diesel USA has been the first service center in San Diego, CA to use Bosch EPS 815 test benches with electronic KMA and Shot-to-Shot Technology to diagnose Bosch Common Rail products that meet California Emissions Regulatory requirements.


    Through continued investment, our goal is to pursue Bosch's innovative technologies and provide high-quality services to a wide range of customers. To do so, we will keep working by adhering to all the high-quality requirements of the Robert Bosch Company.